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What do i do, and why ?

My goal is to help people going through negative experiences, discover and enjoy a safe space where they can learn to be themselves without the constraints or expectations of society. The idea of a safe space is to provide you with opportunities for personal development, self-realization and growth; to find the root of the problem and identify new solutions and approaches in life that you may not have considered before.   I have witnessed the profound effect increased self-esteem can have on a person’s life and health, both in myself and in others. Throughout my work, I have seen many of my clients flourish and become more open to new and positive experiences, and ultimately shaking off the shadows of depression, anxiety and stress. 

Speaking from experience, having a place to explore what it is to be myself has helped me tremendously. In my safe space, I can take a breather without feeling like I constantly have to live up to the expectations of others, and I want to foster the same feeling in those I work with. My experience with depression and anxiety has provided me with insights into how the body and the mind may change in response to these conditions. I managed to break free of the vicious circle of depression by using 

Brazilian jiu-jitsu and i am now taking a education as a life coach. 

What makes the combination of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and life-coaching work is that it challenges people both mentally and physically. Physical work can build your self-esteem, fostering a greater belief in what you and your body can deal with. The philosophy behind Brazilian jiu-jitsu encourages a more solution-oriented approach, helping you become more confident and eager to meet and overcome new challenges. The mental part focuses on your strengths and inner resources and helps you identify what truly matters to you. In this way, I can help you make the first step on the road to self-improvement and prepare you for the upcoming challenges in your life.  My goal is to help people, affected by depression, anxiety and constant stress by creating a place where they can be themselves, and providing them with the resources they need to change their lives. By building a safe space, I encourage my clients to become more open to positive experiences and strengthen them both physically and mentally. Safe frames provide you with the courage to explore new challenges which can, in turn, open doors to new experiences and ways in life. This approach has helped me increase my self-esteem and help others become more confident.

When I started practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I discovered I finally had a place where I could not only feel like myself but feel like my stronger, happier self, ready to take on new challenges and experience new things in life. I want to help others suffering from depression and anxiety feel the same way and this is why I have created a place designed to foster a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and self-confidence, a place where you can finally feel at peace even as you’re sweating.

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